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Guitars are more than musical instruments. They are works of art. But most guitarists display their art on stands that are anything but artistic. Cheap, metal stands that can flip over with the merest touch. Flimsy stands that would look more at home in an industrial warehouse than in your home. Do the math…your guitars are worth thousands of dollars. Do you really think leaving them on a cheap stand is wise move?

Enter Guitar Furniture. Made by musicians, for musicians, the Guitar Furniture six-instrument stand was designed to fill a very specific need: a guitar stand that can hold multiple instruments, that looks as good as the instruments themselves.

This is the story of a typical gig. Three guitarists. Small bandstand. Not enough room for all the instruments. So a trip to the local, big-box music store was in order. But the only multi-stands they had to offer were flimsy things, not worthy of premium instruments – the kinds of stands that you could imaging tipping over, sending priceless instruments flying. “I’ve always been interested in more than just keeping my guitars safe. I want them to look good on stage,” offered Brad Kozak, the creator of Guitar Furniture. “I figured I could put my woodworking skills to good use, and build something better than anything I could buy.” And so, he did. Because of his love of Mission-style/Arts & Crafts furniture, it was a natural fit to build something that would match his home decor of Stickley-inspired furniture. “Arts & Crafts furniture puts function over form, yet ends up with some simply beautiful designs. White oak, combined with saddle leather is an unbeatable combination.”

Instead of using bolts, screws or nails, the entire stand is designed to interlock with mortis and tenon joints. It assembles like a wooden puzzle. Once assembled, the stand is as rigid as it would be if it were glued and screwed together. “The design is bottom-weighted,” Kozak said. “Even with only one guitar on the stand, the only way to tip the stand over is to physically flip it over, not an easy task.” All contact points are covered with leather, aside from the pegs, covered with neoprene – an inert substance that will not discolor or harm even the most delicate of guitar finishes.

“We originally designed the stand to be portable,” Kozak added. “I can set up or tear down one in 60 seconds.” But the unexpected benefit of the design had nothing to do with portability, and everything to do with the beauty of the stand itself. “Turns out that a lot of spouses are not that crazy about having a bunch of ugly stands cluttering up their homes.” He continued, “The comments we get, consistently, from wives and girlfriends are ‘Oh! I’d have that stand in my house…it’s really attractive.” It’s the perfect piece for your music room, home studio, or living room.

The multi-stand is available in honey blonde and traditional chestnut finishes, for the introductory price of $399.00.


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