A Question for You…

Would you spend thousands of dollars on a fine guitar, and then be satisfied putting it on a $15 stand? A stand that could fall over in a fraction of a second, taking your precious guitar with it? Of course not.

Why not instead put it on a stand that is beautiful in it’s own right, and brings out the beauty in your instrument? At Guitar Furniture, we believe that musicians deserve stands, holders and other accessories made with the same care and craftsmanship as fine furniture. We use furniture-grade hardwoods, reclaimed lumber (for our custom pieces), fine, English saddle leathers, and hand-rubbed finishes that protect and bring out the beauty of the woods. And they’re all made by musicians, for musicians. You won’t find better-quality products anywhere, at any price.

So take a look around, at both our flagship products – our multi-instrument stand and our harmonica holder, as well as some examples of our custom products, and we think you’ll agree. 

Guitar Furniture. Handmade, custom furniture for musicians.